Regain your manhood with anti-aging breakthrough!

Regain Your Manhood with Anti-Aging Breakthrough!

Regain Your Manhood with Anti-Aging Breakthrough!

DEJIMA PHARMACY JAPAN (DPJ) is offering you the online ordering service that you can get quality medicines without visiting a hospital. For those who are having difficulties to visit a hospital on a regular basis due to the reasons like too busy to make time or too far from your hospital, this is can be a very convenient and fulfilling service.

This article will explain about the ED (Erectile Dysfunction) medications that are currently available on DPJ online shopping site. 

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What is ED?

Have you experienced any of the followings?

  • Having sexual desire but does not get an erection even sexually aroused
  • Cannot keep an erection while having an intercourse
  • Cannot get an erection that is firm enough for intercourse
  • Hard to get and keep an erection

 If any of above symptoms fall in your experiences, you can doubt about the possibility of ED. The definition of ED is being unable to have a satisfying erection.

Why ED occurs?

Normal erection occurs with the following mechanism:

  1. Sexually aroused
  2. A signal of sexual stimulation delivered from brain to penis
  3. Penile artery gets widens up and takes increased blood flow into trabeculae

If an issue found in any of above three steps, you may be diagnosed as ED. If you are suffering from the lifestyle diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, or hyperlipidemia, ED may occur because these diseases relate to #3 above and interfere with the smooth blood flow. Our ED medicines available on DPJ reinforce the smooth blood flow and improve your sexual function.

Voices of ED medicine users:


  • While I was receiving an infertility treatment on my 30s, our doctor had instructed to have intercourses the three days before or after ovulation. I was very busy with work and exhausted both mentally and physically at the time, and was not able to get an erection that is firm enough for intercourse. From the next ovulation, I started taking ED medicine and managed satisfying intercourse. After six months passed, we heard the fortunate news that my wife got pregnant and gave birth to a healthy girl baby. Thanks to the ED medicine.
  • In my 50s, I tried having sex with my wife after drinking alcohol but I was not able to keep the erection and interrupted. After the incident, although I tried staying away from alcohol when having sex, my penis sometimes went limp. The words from my wife, “Don’t even ask if you can’t,” made my mind to try ED medicine. With ED medicine, I was able to keep an erection again and our sexual activity was improved a lot. My wife seems to be more cheerful now.
  • I got divorced in my 50s and am currently dating with a girl who is twenty years younger than I am. There was no problem with inserting and ejaculation, but I needed the physical stimulation to my penis in order to maintain the firmness. I was having intercourses prioritizing the stimulation to my penis but lacking the consideration to both mental and sexual satisfaction of my girlfriend. After taking ED medicine, I was able to maintain the erection and pay more attentions to please my partner now. With the improvement of relationship, I regained my confidence as a man.

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Many patients do not go to a hospital

Although we highly recommend to see a doctor before taking ED medicines for the first time, there are many patients who either do not or cannot visit a hospital for being “too busy,” or “embarrassing.” Those people either give up the treatment or purchase the medicine on electronic commerce sites.


4 merits of purchasing ED medicines on DPJ
  1. No wait at hospital or pharmacy: Since you can order online, you are released from the hassles of visiting and arranging your schedule.
  2. Keep your privacy: You can get your medicine without meeting anyone, so your symptoms and medicines will be kept confidential. 
  3. Safe and reliable products: Many medicines, which are currently available at low price on other EC sites, are mostly manufactured in the developing countries and its efficacy and side effects are often concerned. On the other hand, DPJ offers the Japanese products that are reliable and safe globally. Shipping time is 2 ~ 10 business days with Express Mail Service, EM. *Please note the shipping time may extend during the busy time of year such as Christmas or New Years.
  4. Inquiries via email: We will provide advices to your inquiries about ED medicines on how to drink, side effects, drug-drug interaction, etc.

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Free Gift Campaign

We will give out CINAL Combination Tablets (1 sheet / 10 tablets) that is a vitamin C agent prescribed in a Japanese hospital vitamin C for the first 50 readers to respond. (***Shipping address is limited to Singapore.)

Apply for free gift campaign

Here is how to register this campaign:

  1. Click this URL and access the campaign page.
  2. Click [Add to Cart].
  3. Choose “1” for [QTY (quantity)] and click [Check Out].
  4. If you have an account, please [Sign In]. If you do not have an account, please register from [Create].
  5. Upon checking the details, click [Continue to shipping method].
  6. Please enter [Shipping Address*] and [Phone Number]. Shipping address needs to be within Singapore only. *Please indicate the home address. We are unable to ship to your work address.
  7. Make sure [free gift promotion] is checked and click [Continue to payment method].
  8. Review your overall details and click [Complete order]. *For [Billing address], please choose [Same as shipping address].
  9. Your order is completed!
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