Q. Are you able to give advice about taking medications, or information about the contents of a product?

(Ans) The Pharmaceutical Affairs Act prevents us from advising customers about the taking of medications or providing information on their contents, their likely effect or side-effects. Before ordering medications through the website, please ensure you thoroughly understand the effect of particular products and the instructions for their use.

We can answer your questions about effect or side-effect of medications. However, regarding quantity of intake, please consult your family doctor.


Q. Can I import medications that aren’t advertised on the website?

(Ans) We are unable to take personal orders at present. However, we regularly undertake reviews of our product range. If there is a product you wish to be available through the website, please let us know using the email form. We will do our best to respond to your request. However, please note there may be certain products that we have decided not to offer for sale through the website.

Please inquire us by contact form.


Q. Is the price inclusive of tax? How about the custom clearance issue?

(Ans) Tax is excluded from our listed price because our deal is personal import from Japan to overseas countries. However, we cannot guarantee our statement above. Please make sure to get accurate information about tax and tariff by asking authorities in respective countries.


Q. What does “generic drug” mean?

(Ans) A generic pharmaceutical is a pharmaceutical, the manufacture and sale of which has been approved as a drug that is therapeutically equivalent to the brand-name drug. Generally, development costs are kept low and therefore generic drugs are cheaper than the brand-name drug.


Q. Why didn’t I receive a confirmation email after I placed my order?

(Ans) Please check the following:

  • The confirmation email was mistaken for junk mail and has automatically been placed in the trash or the junk mail folder.
  • There is a mistake in the email address you provided on the form.
  • Your mobile phone email set-up may be preventing you from receiving Internet email. Please check the trash/spam folder.

If your confirmation email is not there, please contact us using the inquiry form. If the problem is caused by the set-up of your email software, our email reply to your email enquiry could possibly have been considered junk email by your email system. Customers using free email addresses should be particularly aware of this possibility.


Q. Am I allowed to cancel my order?

(Ans) If your order is not paid yet, you can cancel by yourself heading to "Your Cart Page" and make your QTY “0”. But in case of your order once completed, then unfortunately we are unable to accept cancellations for any reason.


Q. Am I allowed to change my order?

(Ans) Unfortunately, it is not possible to change. Please ensure to check your order thoroughly before purchasing to avoid any disparities.


Q. Am I allowed to return or exchange items?

(Ans) Unfortunately, we do not accept returns, exchanges or cancellations with payment completed for reasons that have to do with customers changing their minds. However, if you have received the wrong product, a defective product or where there is some other problem with the product, we will issue a refund. Please note that, in this case, we require notice of any such problems within one week of the product being delivered. As your purchase is a personal import, claims for any damage or contamination of products while in transit should be made directly to the freight carrier. Please acknowledge this before you place your order.


Q. Does it matter if the person who placed the order is not the same as person who use?

(Ans) Yes, it does matter. As a general rule, personal imports are restricted to personal use. The person who pays for the products, who uses the products must be one and the same.


Q. What payment methods are available?

(Ans) We accept only AMEX, and JCB payment.


Q. Is there a delivery charge? If so, how much is it?

(Ans) The delivery charge is calculated for Express Mail Service(EMS) to each continent and depending on the total weight of the products. If your one-time order in total is over 50,000 JP Yen, the shipping fee will become free.


Q. Can you issue me a receipt?

(Ans) The nature of import agency arrangements prevents us from issuing receipts.


Q. How many days after I place my order through the website will my order be shipped?

(Ans) An estimated number of days between the date of purchase and the date of dispatch is given for each product. We will ship within 5 business days, excluding Saturday, Sunday, and national holiday in Japan.


Q. What options are available for shipping? and Which countries are available or unavailable to?

(Ans) Orders are sent by Express Mail Service (EMS). We can ship to USA, Canada, UK, China, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Viet Nam, India, Australia and New Zealand only.


Q. I don’t want my family to find out what I’ve ordered. I would like full discretion and ensure order privacy for home deliveries.

(Ans) The names of the products are not shown as a general rule. Your order is delivered in such a way that its contents will not become known to other people.


Q. Can my order be sent showing an individual as deliverer?

(Ans) We are not able to send orders under a name other than the sender’s name as prescribed in our regulations.


Q. Can you deliver to a workplace?

(Ans) Unfortunately, we are unable to deliver orders to workplaces. Personal imports of medical supplies will be sent to your home address. Personal imports cannot be delivered to a workplace or to an address other than that of the person who placed the order.


Q. Can you deliver to a post office box?

(Ans) No, we cannot deliver to a post office box Personal imports of medical supplies will be sent to your home address. Personal imports cannot be delivered to a workplace or to an address other than that of the person who placed the order.


Q. Are you able to specify a delivery date?

(Ans) With international mail, it is not possible to specify an exact delivery date. Common shipping time frames vary between 3 to 10 business days.


Q. What if I’m not at home when the parcel is delivered?

(Ans) Please contact the number on the Attempted Delivery Card left by your postal delivery service. If, because you were unavailable to accept delivery, your order is returned to sender, the contents of the order will be destroyed. Please be aware that, in this case, we are unable to arrange for the order to be re-sent or to provide a refund.


Q. Why did the products arrive loose and not in boxes?

(Ans) OTC, so-called "the boxed variety" are very different from Prescription medicines and Chinese herbal medicines, which are not often delivered in boxes. Please note that we are unable to comply with requests for boxed products. Please also note that photographs of boxed products on the products pages are for illustrative purposes only.


Q. How do I become a registered member? Is membership free?

(Ans) You are required to register as a member. Click the [Create account] menu in the upper left corner of the page, provide your name, email, and password. Registration as a member is free of charge.


Q. Customs has sent me a notice. What should I do?

(Ans) Customers are responsible for dealing with notices from customs agencies.



Q. The products I received are not the ones I ordered, or they are damaged. What should I do?

(Ans) Please do attach photographs to emails. We will confirm the situation and issue a refund as promptly as possible. We will contact you at the time about returning the products and the way in which the refund will be issued. Please ensure that you inform us of any such situation with one week of your order being delivered. Please note that we reserve the right to refuse to amend the situation if you inform us later than one week after your order is delivered. In order to avoid wrong shipping and picking of medication, we make sure to take photos of shipping destination and medication we packed.


Q. My card has been declined for some reason and I couldn’t make an order. My card is however working fine and there are enough funds, what should I do?

(Ans) Some credit cards have restrictions on them preventing online transactions taking place in countries outside of the cardholder’s country of residence. This means the card will not work for our site. You will need to contact your credit card company/provider and request that all restrictions be removed/lifted.


Q. I only find the country Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, USA, Canada, UK, China, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Viet Nam, India, Australia and New Zealand when I put the delivery address. Why is that?

(Ans) DEJIMA PHARMACY JAPAN is currently shipping to USA, Canada, UK, China, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Viet Nam, India, Australia and New Zealand only.