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Unicharm Cho-kaiteki Mask for Women (Regular H90mm×W175mm)

Unicharm Cho-kaiteki Mask for Women (Regular H90mm×W175mm)

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Made with silk for ultimate comfort. Cute baby pink color!

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・Includes a Silk touch filter and Soft stretch ear straps for your comfort.
・The Silk touch filter contains real silk, so it won't chafe or irritate your skin for comfortable fit.
 ・Your ears won't hurt even after long time use due to the Soft stretch ear straps!
 ・Cute baby pink color!
・The 99% Cut Filter* firmly blocks!
Prevents viruses and pollen. Feel at ease even from PM2.5.
 *Filters have undergone filtering efficiency testing (Virus prevention: VFE Test, Pollen: Pollen Filtering Efficiency Test)
・Do gaps with the All-around Fit Structure!
Also includes a snug Nose Fit.
・The Ventilation Filter makes breathing easy!
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